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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’

D and T

Design and Technology at St James’s is aimed at inspiring children to be creative and resourceful in their design and execution of products.  Having planned and made their products, we also build in time for them to evaluate the appropriateness of their work and to ensure that they appreciate their usefulness in real life contexts.  By studying products, their own and other people’s, the children’s understanding of how the world works is heightened, so inspiring them to think analytically the world in which they live.


Throughout the school, children have the opportunities to discuss their likes and dislikes; look at real life inventors and how they have changed our world; continuously question the aspects of familiar products; learning how things work; producing their own products based on their research, including: items with cam shafts, mechanical moving monsters, cookery, vehicles, puppets, shoes, up-cycling and re-cycling.


The key principles underpinning our Design and Food Technology are:

  • D and T is about designing, making and evaluation.
  • It’s about developing children’s understanding of different tools and techniques and any safety implications that they may have.
  • It’s about identifying different products in the local environment and thinking about the products relevance to where it belongs.
  • D and T is about establishing the requirements of a design brief and developing success criteria for a product.
  • It’s about spotting successful and not so successful features of existing products and using these in a design.
  • Testing and evaluation of different resources, techniques and products, gaining knowledge about their own work and the work of others.
  • Looking at changes that need to be made to a product and improving it.
  • In addition, Food Technology is about developing an understanding of hygiene during food preparation and the nutritional implications within a design brief.