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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’

Volunteers and Visitors

At St. James’s the aim of our volunteer induction is to ensure all parent helpers and volunteers understand and share the vision, values and practices of the school. All newly appointed helpers or staff will receive a programme of support and guidance appropriate to their role, ensuring all individuals:


•Feel welcome and comfortable and integrate successfully into the school
•Understand the importance of our mission statement and school values
•Understand our expectations and are supported in meeting those expectations
•Are able to contribute to improving the overall effectiveness of our school
•Are able to meet the needs of the whole school community

St James's is a Catholic school in which each individual grows in the knowledge and love of Christ. In partnership with parents and the whole community, our purpose is to provide a high standard of education, giving the maximum opportunity to realise each person’s potential.


All parents are expected to attend a school briefing and to familiarise themselves with the school’s key policies and guidance and to understand the school’s safeguarding procedures and the school’s confidentiality policy.