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St James’s Catholic Primary School ‘Put out into the deep’


Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Staff Member Role Key Responsibility
Mrs L Yarnell Headteacher Designated Safeguarding Lead
  Deputy Headteacher

Teaching & Learning

Assessment Coordinator

Cognitive Education Coordinator

Supply cover

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Adams

Lower School Assistant Headteacher

Reception Team Leader


Maths Coordinator

Mr J Vander-Vloet

Middle School Assistant Headteacher

Year 4 Team Leader

Assessment Coordinator

Science Coordinator

Miss M Flanagan

Upper School Assistant Headteacher

Year 6 Team Leader

English Coordinator
Mrs M Cunningham Inclusion Manager

SEND Provision

Medical Coordinator

Pupil Premium Provision

Looked After Children

Mrs A-M Fernando Head of George Tancred Centre (GTC) GTC Provision



Lower School

Mrs H Hayes Nursery Team Leader Learning Environments Coordinator
Mrs S Travers Nursery Teacher Learning Environments Coordinator
Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Jamieson

Ms S Vaughan

Mr S Wasmuth Reception Teacher

Phonics Coordinator

Staff Governor 

R.E Coordinator

Miss E McKinstry Reception Teacher Outdoor Learning Coordinator
Mrs K Bradley Reception Teacher Safer Playgrounds Coordinator
Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Harrington

Ms T Reeves

Miss L Streatfield

Ms S Roche

Mrs F Bantin Year 1 Team Leader ICT Coordinator
Miss A Seager Year 1 Teacher

Outdoor Learning Coordinator

Miss A Brennan Year 1 Teacher  
Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Clarke

Mrs J Kehoe

Mrs L Fevrier



Middle School

Miss L Burtenshaw Year 2 Team Leader  Teaching Assistant Coordinator
Miss L Fennell Year 2 Teacher



Mrs L Craddock Year 2 Teacher Safer Playgrounds Coordinator
Mrs C Biagioni Year 2 Teacher Learning Environments Coordinator
Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Clayton

Mrs C Nutley

Mrs D Fernando

Miss J Collins  Year 3 Team Leader

ITT Coordinator

Mr P White Year 3 Teacher

D&T Coordinator

Miss G Burke Year 3 Teacher Drama Club
Teaching Assistants

Mr P Gordon

Mrs S Thornton

Mrs A Varghese

Miss M Foley Year 4 Teacher Geography Coordinator
Miss G Casserly Year 4 Teacher Safe Playgrounds Coordinator


Upper School

Mrs J Parker Year 5 Team Leader P.E Coordinator
Mrs S Steed Year 5 Teacher R.E Coordinator
Miss K Everett Year 5 Teacher History Coordinator
Mrs J Mills Year 6 Teacher  
Mr J Anderson Year 6 Teacher


Pupil Council Coordinator

RRSA Coordinator

Mrs J Thomas Year 6 Teacher Pupil Council Coordinator
Mrs B George Year 6 Teacher  


George Tancred Centre

Mrs J Sugrue GTC Teacher
Ms C Leahy Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Summers Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Hunt Learning Support Assistant


Inclusion Team

Mrs M Sibthorp Specialised Specific Literacy Teacher
Mrs D Rees Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Ryan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Wingfield Learning Support Assistant
Miss N Gallagher Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Bhatti Learning Support Assistant
Miss K Thickett Learning Support Assistant
Mrs R Banfield Learning Support Assistant
Ms R McGloin Learning Support Assistant
Ms A Silvester Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Johnson Learning Support Assistant

Release Cover

Mrs F Craig-Sharples Teacher
Mrs M Harnett Teacher

Specialist Teachers

Mrs D Dion-Jones Specialist French Teacher

Foreign Language Coordinator

EAL Coordinator

Mrs S Armstrong Director of Music  
Mrs J Line Art Teacher Art Coordinator
Mrs N Taroghion-Budd Art Teacher Art Coordinator
Mrs F Curran Sports Teacher  
Mrs F Early Librarian  


Office Staff

Ms O O'Mahoney School Business Manager
Mrs L Reynolds Office Manager
Mrs A Sharp

Finance Manager

Clerk to Governors

Mrs A Jolliffe Office Administrator
Mrs A Gallagher Office Administrator
Mrs C Byrne SENCO & GTC Administrator