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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’

Requesting Absence During School Term Time for Vacation, Trips or Visits

The School Year & Absences:

Please make sure you are aware of the calendar and put key dates into your diary. We politely request that you arrange your family holidays and planned trips when the school is closed.


We never recommend that children be taken out of school during term time as this is disruptive to routines and children miss vital parts of the curriculum.

The Department of Education now requires schools to undertake an absence survey and they regard holidays or personal trips as “unacceptable reasons” for absence.  Ofsted have reported that vacation taken during term time will be marked as unauthorised absence.


Parents/Carers will need to complete an Application for Absence in advance for any planned absences during Term Time (please refer to Parent's, Letters section).


This should be completed for absence for a child to attend personal trips, vacations or funerals, for example.


This form does not need to be completed for medical appointments.