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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’



St James's Approach To Music


All our children gain an understanding and love of music.

This skill is vital and will encourage them to become critical, creative and independent learners. Our music program sees many of our pupils either join a school choir or take up a musical instrument.


We teach exciting, creative and innovative lessons; based on active listening tasks and practical music making using strings, ukuleles, recorders and xylophones.


There is a linked improvement with children’s focus, as well as their development of fine motor skills and a “can do” approach to life. Mediocrity is not an option in Music!


Pupils will gain a lifelong love and understanding of music that will positively affect their mental health and wellbeing.



How is Music Assessed?

Concept Cards

Each child has a ‘Concept Card’. The concepts covered relate exactly to the National Curriculum Objectives for each year group.


When a concept is not achieved, the music teacher will highlight the concept and will put in place support measures to address any misconceptions.


Progression of Skills and Knowledge

Our Progression of Skills and Knowledge documents inform our planning. The National Curriculum objectives are listed in each term and broken down into progressive steps. The objectives are mapped out for progression across the year.


In Music lessons, these objectives are broken down into microscopic steps, reflecting our mastery approach. We ensure that all of our children are secure on a step before moving onto another step.




Enrichment in Music


St James’s School has its own dedicated Music Director who is responsible for all aspects of music within the school.


These include;

  • Infant Choir for Year 1
  • Junior Choir for Year 5
  • Nota Bene for Year 6 (auditioned choir)
  • Orchestra (invitation only)


 In Year 3, all children have the opportunity to learn either a violin, cello or double bass; which is taught in their weekly     music lessons. There is a small fee attached to this activity to facilitate the help of a string specialist.


 In Year 4, all children start to play the ukulele and read TAB.


In Years 5 and 6, all children get the chance to learn to play both the recorder and the ukulele as well as beginning to  read  standard staff notation. They will also start to compose their own music using Garageband.


Saints & Singers:


Instrumental Mapping

Examples of some of the children’s work can be found on the school’s YouTube channel SAINTS & SINGERS

Follow this link to listen to some of our students’ musical masterpieces.