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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’


Welcome to St James's Nursery


Please refer Nursery September 2024 Application Process page for more information on how to apply for a Nursery Place.


At St James’s Nursery we currently provide a 52-place nursery provision. We offer two formal admission entry points for children who have turned three years old, one in September and another in January, during the academic year.



At St. James's Nursery, we provide everything you would expect for your child's first educational experience. Our children have access to a spacious open-plan learning area that leads directly to a well-equipped outdoor space.


The outdoor learning space is shared between our Reception and Nursery classes, which ensures it is thoughtfully planned and heavily invested in to stimulate your child's imagination and nurture their love of learning.


Our Nursery is led by the highly experienced Teacher, Mrs. Hayes, who has specialised in early childhood education for many years.


Along with her team of practitioners, Mrs. Hayes ensures that each child is recognised for their unique strengths, nurtured for their individuality, and prepared to make the best possible start in their primary education.

Why choose St. James's Nursery?



In addition to our newly updated and refurbished open-plan classroom; which includes two interactive white boards and a wide variety of resources to enable play based learning, our nursery children have daily access to a range of excellent onsite facilities and teaching resources. These include:

  • Large school hall:

    • Nursery children love participating in teacher-led physical development lessons that take place here every week.


  • The Thomas library:

    • Story time is enjoyed weekly in this beautiful book-filled room in small groups.


  • Music room:

    • Our talented Music Director provides music lessons every Monday.


  • Inclusive school community:
    • Nursery children regularly attend and enjoy year group performances and assemblies, and love to be read stories by year 6 children when they visit our Nursery.


  • Experienced Staff:

    • Our children are taught by a highly experienced EYFS Teacher and dedicated key worker team.

    • The Nursery team has years of experience working in early years education and is fully trained to work with young children.


  • Outdoor classroom:

    • Our unique learning space located next to the EYFS playground is regularly visited to enhance the children's learning experience.


  • Great playgrounds:
    • Our EYFS playground includes resources for all key areas of learning, sensory zones, role-play areas, PD equipment, a climbing frame/slide and a much-loved mud kitchen!
    • Nursery children also enjoy visiting the other school playgrounds with different play equipment.


  • School Field:
    • An impressive, tree-lined, green open space that is always a highlight for Nursery children, especially during exploration trips or nature trails!


  • Wildlife pond:
    • Stimulates the children's love for nature and creepy crawlies!


  • Inclusive learning: 

    • We pride ourselves on providing an individual experience for all children.
    • We have a dedicated Quiet Zone for children who require 1:1 support.
    • We incorporate strategies such as Makaton, Mantra Lingua, and The Zones of Regulation on a daily basis to enable our children to develop their communication and self-regulation skills.


  • Nursery Curriculum:

    • Our curriculum is mapped out with the Early Learning Goals in mind and is broken down into steps. To assess our children, we use Early Learning Goals and the Development Matters Framework.

    • We deliver a Mastery Curriculum with lessons linked to the current topic, which is introduced every half-term. Our creative curriculum includes a memorable experience for each topic.


  • Teaching and Learning:

    • All Teaching and Learning at our Nursery is in line with the Teaching and Learning Framework, designed to meet the unique needs of our Nursery children in a purposeful learning environment.
    • We pay particular focus on language development across the curriculum and quality first teaching. 
    • Our Nursery children are taught in small groups and as a class to ensure a child-centred approach and rapid progress.


  • School integration and community:

    • The Nursery is part of St James’s Catholic School. Our Nursery is situated alongside Reception and provides continuity and familiarity with the school environment, teachers, and school routines.
    • This can provide a smooth transition from Nursery to starting formal education at St James’s Catholic School.
    • However, Nursery children must meet the school’s entry requirement criteria; they do not get automatic entry.


Please following the link to the admissions page for further details.




At our Nursery, we foster a culture of exploration and learning, where children are encouraged to "put out into the deep" and discover their full potential. 


Preparing your child for Nursery:

To ensure your child is fully prepared for St. James's Nursery, please make sure they have the following items:


  • Nursery uniform: Your child's uniform should be labelled with their name.  For more information on the Nursery School Uniform, please click on this link.  Pre-loved Nursery uniform will be available to purchase at the Parent welcome evening. (Parents, School Uniform)


  • Shoes: We recommend practical shoes that children can run around in, they should be waterproof and children should be able to put them on and off independently (no laces please).


  • Waterproof Jacket: This will ensure children can enjoy the outdoor facilities during wet play.


  • Sun hat: During warmer months, your child will need a hat and sunscreen (applied at home) to protect them from the sun.


  • Winter hat and gloves: During colder months, your child will need a warm hat and gloves so they can enjoy outdoor play.


  • Wellington boots: Your child will need a pair of wellies that they can keep at Nursery for wet play.


  • Nursery book bag: Our school bag is the perfect size to carry your child's belongings, and it will protect the Nursery home book wallets from damage during transportation.


  • School PE bag: This bag should be kept on their named peg and contain a full change of clothes, including underwear and socks.


  • Water bottle: Make sure your child's water bottle is labelled with their name, so they can stay hydrated throughout the day.


  • Lunch Box: Make sure your child’s lunch box is labelled with their name.  Our school has a no nuts policy (this includes all nuts), therefore children should not bring in any nut based food items or sandwich spreads (such as peanut butter) into school.  Sweets and chocolate should also be avoided



Prior to their start with us, we also recommend that you prepare your child, so that they:


  • Can independently put on and take off: their coats, jumpers, socks and shoes. (We recommend that children do not wear shoes with laces). 


  • Have adopted good hygiene practices when visiting the bathroom, such as personal care, toilet flushing and washing their hands with soap.


  • Can independently eat their packed lunch.