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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’


Welcome to our Nursery


St James’s Catholic Primary School



The Nursery class is called St Anne's and we offer a 52 place nursery provision for 15 hours per week. The nursery at St James’s has everything you would expect for your child’s initial experience of education. The children have access to a large open plan learning space that leads directly to a well-resourced outdoor space. There are many well-documented advantages of sending your child to a nursery provision at a primary school but the most immediately obvious, is the extensive amount of resource available. The outdoor learning space is shared by our Reception and Nursery children. This means it is heavily invested in, carefully planned for and stretches your child’s imagination and nurtures their love of learning.


The nursery is led by our highly experienced practitioner, Mrs Hayes, who has specialised in this area of education for many years. Mrs Hayes and her team of practitioners ensure that the children are immediately recognised for their strengths, nurtured for their individuality and are readied to make the best possible start in their primary education. Children of St Anne’s Nursery really know how to ‘Put out into the Deep’.


There are two formal admission entry points during the academic year, one in September and one in January. Please following the link to the admissions page for further details.