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St James’s Catholic Primary School ‘Put out into the deep’

Online Payment System

 In response to parental requests and to enhance the school’s financial controls, we intend to become a cashless school from September 2019. This means we will no longer be able to accept cash payments.

For the school year September 2019 to July 2020, we will continue to accept cheques but thereafter we will no longer be able to do so. As an exception to the rule, we will continue to accept charitable donations in cash form. This will allow the children to have a continued involvement in these acts of charity. 


Similar systems have already been installed in many schools nationally, bringing a number of important benefits:

  • Simple to use web interface

  • Payments are made through Worldpay so they’re secure and reliable

  • Parents can view their payment history online

  • Reduce risk of pupils losing cash


Parents will need an unique online link code which they have to  request from the school. Parents can use the same account for any children they have at St James's and for children at other schools which also use Tucasi secure system.