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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’

Our Parishes

As a Catholic Primary School we strive to work in partnership with the Home and the Church to initiate the children of the four parishes we serve into the Catholic faith tradition whilst, at the same time, maintaining the highest aims and expectations within the national education system.


► As a part of the Catholic Education System, St James's is concerned with the initiation of children into the Catholic faith tradition and their gradual growth and development as knowledgeable and faithful members of the Catholic Church.


The school has a responsibility to nurture and promote the Catholic faith through its programme of Religious Education and the day-to-day organisation and relationships so that the spiritual presence of Jesus Christ is clearly evident to all and His teachings are reflected in every aspect of the total life of the school.

St. Frances de Sales

16 Wellington Road
Hampton Hill

St Frances de Sales


St. James's Church

Popes Grove


St. Margarets Church

130 St Margarets Street


St. Theodores Church

110 Station Road
TW12 2AS