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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’


Welcome to St James's Catholic Primary School.



I am delighted to be welcoming you to St. James’s Catholic Primary School.  This is a very happy and

harmonious community where parents, staff and governors work together to achieve the best for our children.

St James's has an established reputation for providing an outstanding education, based on the values of living life through Christ. The quality and dedication of the staff team who work at the school is an essential factor in the excellent standards maintained.

We want our pupils to learn, achieve and excel inspired by Gospel values, so that they can reflect God's love in their everyday lives. We focus upon building self-esteem and confidence so that success can be achieved spiritually, morally and academically. We are committed to high attainment for all learners regardless of ability or aptitude.


We are a vibrant community, serving four parishes and our curriculum provision is rich and diverse. Our children have a vast array of excellent opportunities not only academically but in French, Art, Drama, Music and Sport. We have first-rate facilities and resources and a relentless focus on effective teaching and learning reflected in our excellent SATS results. Our performance in SATs is consistently outstanding and our pupils excel academically in comparison to all other pupils nationally, both in terms of progress and attainment.


We have the highest expectations of all of our pupils and expect each to demonstrate outstanding levels of attendance, appearance, courtesy, respect and work ethic throughout their time at the school.


We strive to develop open, co-operative and positive relationships between the home and the school with parents and carers becoming active partners in their children’s education. Where such relationships exist, then the best foundations for a true education have been laid. The partnership we develop is important to the growth of your child. We recognise that a child is deeply influenced by its parents and a Catholic school can only build upon what you are doing at home.


Our school motto is "Put out into the deep" – all pupils and those involved in their education are encouraged to contribute to the life of the school and those wider communities to which we belong.  We aim to provide our young people with the wide range of skills necessary to become high achievers and leaders in an uncertain dynamic global economy.


As you browse through this site, and I hope that you will take the time to do so, you will discover that St. James’s Catholic Primary School is an outstanding school.  I hope to get to know you and your children when you join our school and look forward to meeting you in the near future.


If you require a paper copy of any information on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us either via  the telephone or email. We will provide any copies free of charge.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. C. Beatty

Head Teacher