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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’


St James's Approach

► At St James’s we empower all children with the physical and mental skills to adopt a lifelong healthy mind, healthy body philosophy


This is achieved through an engaging, diverse and challenging curriculum.  The school has strong community links, which promote a self-motivating ethos enabling every child to   target their own desires to reach their full potential. Our culture of physical education will enhance academic achievement and directly impact improved progress in Reading, Writing and Maths.


► "Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life." IPLA 2015


The school understands the importance of all children being physically literate and this understanding is the driving force behind all changes considered for PE and Sport.



► St James’s PE curriculum has been designed in line with the three pillars: motor competence, rules/strategies/tactics and healthy participation. 


These pillars are used to support the application of declarative and procedural knowledge across PE lessons. While at St James’s, children get to experience: Multi-skills, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Dance, Football, Swimming, Gymnastics, Hockey, Rounders, Tag Rugby, Tennis, Netball and Orienteering.



Over the four years in KS2 children will receive 4 terms of swimming input. Year 3 & 4 swim for two terms and Year 5 & 6 swim for one term. This ensures that children leave our school at the end of Year 6 able to swim 25 metres in a recognisable stroke and having had practice of life saving skills.




► St James's aims to compete at local, regional and national level each year. We buy into the Richmond School Sports Partnership and Richmond Borough league structure. 


This enables us to provide opportunities for our children to compete in a wide range of sports all of which are covered in our curriculum.  On top of this, we run our own friendly and interschool competitions.  This competitive set up enables all of our children to have represented the school in a sport by the time they leave Year 6.

► St James’s has a strong history of competing in the London School Games which can be seen below and we look forward to getting back to representing Richmond again now conditions allow it.


  • Borough Sports Swimming Champions 2018/2019
  • Borough Indoor Athletics Champions 2018/2019
  • Borough KS2 Gymnastic Champions 2018/2019
  • KS2 London Youth Games Gymnastics Gold winners 2018/2019
  • Quad kids London and the South East finalists 2021/2022

How is PE Assessed?

Concept Cards

Each child has a ‘Concept Card’ in the front of their Topic Book. The key concepts covered relate exactly to our Progression of Knowledge and Skills documents for each year group. When a Concept is not achieved, the teacher will highlight the concept. Review tasks and teacher support are put in place to address any concepts that have not been achieved.


Progression of Skills and Knowledge

Our Progression of Skills and Knowledge documents inform our planning. The National Curriculum objectives are listed in each term and broken down into progressive steps. The objectives are mapped out for progression across the year. In PE lessons, these objectives are broken down into microscopic steps, reflecting our mastery approach. We ensure that all of our children are secure on a step before moving onto another step.