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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’


‘Happy times are never ending, when we’re playing and pretending.’


Keeping your child safe

As a school, our priority is to keep your child safe and healthy. Under the OFSTED framework safeguarding is a key indicator of what constitutes a good school. Keeping your child safe means:

  • Providing first aid.

  • Caring for children’s personal needs.

  • Ensuring our school is secure and safe.

  • Ensuring the children know who to speak to if they have a problem.

  • Ensuring all adults who work in school have undergone safety and security checks.

Before school

Parents and carers are responsible for children in the playground until there is a member of staff on duty to supervise KS2 children from 8:40. Children should not play on the climbing frames or use any equipment at this time. The whistle will blow at 8:50 and parents and carers must leave promptly to ensure a quick start to the school day.

During school hours

We follow clear rules about behaviour and use of play equipment in the playground. Adults supervise the children to ensure every playtime is a happy and safe one for all children. If children hurt themselves staff are First Aid trained and will deal with the injury promptly and accordingly. 


Key Stage 1

Morning Playtime  10: 30 – 10 :45

Lunch Playtime   11:45– 1:00 (Reception)

                              12.00-1.00 (Y1)

                              12.10-1.10  (Y2)

Key Stage 2

Weather permitting, children can play on both the field and play area during playtimes. When on the field the children can play football and also have a range of equipment to choose from including bats and balls, skipping ropes, basketballs. If they would prefer a more relaxed playtime, they can stay in the friendship zones and chat to friends.

After school

Parents and carers are responsible for children in the playground after the teacher dismisses. Dogs are not permitted on school premises.

Key Stage 2

Morning Playtime     10:30-10:45

Lunch Playtime   12:20 – 1:20 (Y3, Y4)

                            12:30 – 1:30 (Y5, Y6)