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St James's Catholic Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School

‘Put out into the deep’


Senior Leadership Team



Infant School




Mrs H Hayes           Nursery Team Leader              PSHE/RSE Coordinator

Mrs S Jamieson*

Ms V Smith

Ms L Miles

Ms L Fevrier

Nursery Learning Leaders


Mrs A CunninghamReception Team Leader


Diversity & Inclusion

Mrs K BradleyReception TeacherWellbeing Coordinator
Ms A BerlynReception TeacherPhonics Coordinator
Miss K RyanReception Teacher 

Mrs l Belligero*

Ms M Russell

Ms U Zioklowska

Reception Learning Leaders

Ms C DavisYear 1 Team Leader

Humanities Faculty Lead

Miss D WallaceYear 1 Teacher 
Miss B BantinYear 1 Teacher 

Mrs M Russell*

Ms A Varghese

Ms M Gibb

Ms L McGloughlin

Year 1 Learning Leaders



New Pupil Induction

Mr S WasmuthYear 2 Team Leader

Assistant Head Infant School

R.E Subject Leader

Catholic Life

Key Stage 1/EYFS

Mini Vinnies

Miss C Hearty

Year 2 Teacher

Mr McllroyYear 2 TeacherGeography Coordinator
Ms M FoleyYear 2 TeacherPupil Council

Ms S Murtagh

Ms A Sylvester

Ms J Poole

Year 2 Learning Leaders




Junior School




Mrs Z Khan Year 3 Team Leader

English Writing Coordinator

Ms E Chudzik*Year 3 Teacher Eco Club
Mr J MartinYear 3 Teacher 
Ms z. HuntYear 3 Learning Leaders 
Mrs F BantinYear 4  Team LeaderComputing Coordinator
Mr R O'ConnorYear 4 TeacherHistory Coordinator
Ms A WhiteheadYear 4 TeacherMaths Coordinator

Ms A Jean Pierre

Ms B Banfield

Ms K Thickett

Year 4 Learning Leaders 
Ms K TierneyYear 5 TeacherEnglish Reading Coordinator
Mrs M HarnettYear 5 TeacherScience Coordinator
Ms H SmithYear 5 Teacher 

Ms S Gutierrez

Ms R McGloin

Ms R Nita

Year 5 Learning Leaders 
Miss L StaffYear 6 Team LeaderDesign & Technology Coordinator
Miss N GallagherYear 6 TeacherP.E Coordinator (Events and Inclusion)
Mr S WallaceYear 6 TeacherPSHE/RSE Coordinator

Ms M Eligon

Ms F Moirano

Year 6 Learning Leaders 


George Tancred Centre




Mrs McGregor-Ridley

GTC Team Leader 

Ms E Rainbow

GTC Teacher


Mrs O Abu

GTC TeacherEAL

Ms. Z. Finegan

GTC Teacher 

Ms C Leahy*

Learning Leader  

Mrs J Summers

Learning Leader 


The Inclusion Team



Ms M. Cunningham

Assistant Head Teacher Inclusion

Ms E Rainbow

Teaching Support

Ms D Rees

Learning Leader

Ms M Ryan

Learning Leader/ELSA

Ms J Wingfield

Learning Leader/ELSA



Specialist Teachers



Ms Webster

Specialist French Teacher

Foreign Language Coordinator

Mrs S Armstrong

Specialist Music TeacherDirector of Music

Mrs J Line

Specialist Art TeacherArt Coordinator

Miss F Aljovin

Specialist Art TeacherArt Coordinator


Office Staff


Ms C Mackin

School Business Manager

Mrs A Sharp

Finance Officer

Mrs N Bergin

Office Administrator

Ms K Sweeney

Office Administrator

Mrs C Spicer

Pupil Administration Officer

Mrs C Byrne

SENCO & GTC Administrator


* Paediatric First Aid trained staff